"Intertec has done a very impressive job, thanks for the great job"

Dennis Mortenson
Director of Technical Services

"Intertec team were able to work around a complex project to deliver high quality services in a time efficient manner"

George L Wrenn Jr.
Special Projects Manager


Incorporated in 1989, Intertec is a software solutions organisation headquartered at Bangalore, India with offices at Germany, United Kingdom and USA. Intertec is a publicly held company, traded on Indian stock exchanges. Intertec has matured over the years providing solutions in cutting edge technology areas for global clients like Hewlett Packard, Canon, Philips, etc.

From a successful beginning as an embedded solutions provider, Intertec has grown through the diversification of our portfolio of competencies to become a key player in the area of application renewal and business process automation.

Our approach is characterised by our rigorous framework of processes and methodologies, which enables us to monitor and control key project parameters and specifications.

Amongst the key success factors of Intertec, the ability to build and sustain relationships with clients and partners through the unique value proposition we offer - all Intertec solutions are characterized by: Rigorous Project Management and Control, Quality Assurance & time tested Global Delivery Model.