Global Delivery Model

Our Global Delivery Model jumpstarts the onsite-offshore delivery strategy by enhancing the:

  •   Alignment between IT and Intertec's processes and methodologies

  •   Alignment between the business and the delivery organization by ensuring
      that the business objectives are tied to the technology deliverables

These objectives are driven through:

  •   Program level steering committees which are empowered to make
      decisions on program costs, project priorities, ROIs, risks and risk
      management for projects determined to be delivered through an
      offshore-onsite development model

  •   A robust communication plan that ensures that all stakeholders and
      constituencies are duly informed and consulted

These objectives are measured through:

  •   Executive level and manager level dashboards of program performance

  •   Project level status reporting on requirements, defects, SLAs, etc

Our Project Process consists of 3 phases:


  •   Obtaining response to RFI from the client

  •   Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement and sample source code for Request
      for Proof of Concept

  •   Deliver proof of concept with observations and recommendations

  •   Submission of Proposal for the full project


  •   Preparation of a Detailed Project Plan, indicating:




  •   Account management plan

  •   Prepare solution approach document

  •   Discuss and sign-off Project Plan

  •   Preparation of Acceptance Plan

  •   Approval of the Acceptance Plan

  •   Transfer of application to Intertec delivery center

  •   Application analysis and reporting

  •   Resolve issues based on analysis reports

  •   Revise project plan and solution approach, if needed

  •   Development

  •   Review and validation

  •   Delivery of application


  •   Testing (unit and sub-system)

  •   Data migration program creation

  •   Delivery of application

  •   Acceptance testing

  •   Deployment at client site / signoff

Offshore Development Approach

Intertec engagements are typically delivered by a global team with 20 to 30 percent of the team members located at the customer site and 70 to 80 percent of the team located at our offshore development centers. The onsite team interacts daily with the customer to define requirements, review prototypes and manage scope changes. The offshore team ensures quality execution at a low cost, as well as access to our technology competency centers. Onsite and offshore teams collaborate on common systems, linked by our global network. This model is distinct from other companies, which use "offshore factories" with very little interaction with the client because specifications are "thrown over the wall."


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