Adpac Products
San Fransisco-based Adpac has been providing mainframe services and software for over 38 years, in 35 countries worldwide. Adpac have been pioneers and innovators in mainframe solutions, with a wide client base. Four of the ten largest Fortune 500 companies are Adpac customers. Intertec is a system integrator for Adpac's systems analysis product, SVCommands™


Unlock the secrets of your legacy systems.

SVCommands™ is the only systems analysis language designed for the expert analyst and consultant on the market today. By detailing structure and data relationships at both the application and program level, it provides up-to-date information critical to every ongoing mainframe IT initiative. SVCommands can reduce project costs by as much as 40 percent, while providing the foundation for ongoing productivity throughout the entire IT organization. It supports COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler applications, along with JCL and a host of database structures.

SVCommands offers remarkable functionality, including:

  •   Reengineering support

  •   System-wide analysis and documentation

  •   Impact analysis

  •   Data name rationalization and standardization

  •   Repository development

  •   QA and Standards compliance


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