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The increasing need for companies to develop and manage complex, cross-enterprise business processes to support an expanding range of transactions is driving the demand. Information is power. BPA technology plays a critical role in supporting and promoting efficient collaboration across systems, groups and enterprises.

Technology-enabled business process solutions empower organizations to create and sustain a competitive position in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. In today's evolving Internet economy, quick time-to-market and fast response to dynamic business conditions are pre-requisites to leading the pack.

Hence the challenge is to improve operational service process efficiency to achieve increased customer satisfaction and profitability, while meeting the constantly changing business process.

Intertec's Business Process Automation (iBPA) practice, utilizing proven business process engine and domain expertise delivers cost effective and flexible business process automation solutions to address the dynamic needs of IT service management, telecom service management, CRM and other business process.

Enterprises utilizing iBPA will derive significant improvement in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction resulting in increased profitability.

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