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Founded in 1976, Micro Focus is a global company that employs more than 450 people worldwide with principal offices in the United Kingdom and North America. Micro Focus offers the most comprehensive suite of development and integration environments to help customers succeed in taking full advantage of the power of their legacy systems. Intertec is a value added reseller and implementation partner for Micro Focus' legacy-to-web enabling product, EnterpriseLink.


EnterpriseLink gives our customers the power to integrate and extend mainframe applications to the web and e-business without undertaking major programming efforts and without changes to existing production systems. It enables businesses to transform and integrate legacy systems using HTML, XML, COM, WML, J2ME and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) and "future proof" their critical applications.

EnterpriseLink with Component Generator provides legacy presentation integration and legacy presentation componentization. EnterpriseLink includes both a Presentation Integration Server that provides a universal interface layer for new and existing applications, and a Component Generator to build robust component interfaces to drive your legacy applications.

Micro Focus EnterpriseLink allows you to integrate and extend your mainframe applications to the Web without having to undertake a major programming effort and without making changes to existing production systems. With EnterpriseLink you can

  •  Capture host screens and their relationships and quickly map these to new
     COM or EJB objects, Web pages or XML files

  •  Construct professional, dynamic web pages using drag-and-drop assembly

  •  Create reusable components that can drive your legacy systems from the Web

  •  Streamline or change your processing by creating new workflows from
     your existing application without host changes

  •  Ensure optimal performance and 24x7 availability with load balancing,
     fail-over support and non-hierarchical clustering

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