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Application Renewal
Database Renovation

Many business critical enterprise applications are based on IDMS database. IT departments are constantly under pressure to improve response times, support for larger volume of transaction processing, support Web based information delivery and business intelligence. The dwindling supply of programmers with knowledge of IDMS coupled with inherent weakness of IDMS is constraining IT department's response time to meet sustenance-engineering demands.

The preferred solution to this problem is migration of IDMS applications to a relational databases like DB2 etc. The advanced feature provided by relational databases, coupled with multi-platform environment support provides a infrastructure, which would support the growing needs of the enterprise application users.

An IDMS to DB2 renovation project is complex and requires careful planning and meticulous execution. The primary cause for concern is the software constraints and complexities that are common to legacy systems as these systems frequently lack basic documentation and in-house resources with application knowledge. Another level of complexity when migrating Legacy Systems to DB2 arises as such systems are based on the traditional system development model that separates the various programs from Data Structures. It is essential to use a tool that can provide system wide, application level, program level and data level relationship, association and impact through out the database renovation process.

For enterprises who are challenged by the maintenance, enhancement and performance constraints of IDMS DB/DC based applications, IARS/IDMS offers a compelling solution. Unlike traditional solutions, the fixed price and managed delivery feature of IARS/IDMS ensures risk free IDMS DB/DC application renovation to the client.

Intertec has the most comprehensive toolset, process and skills in the marketplace to provide a highly effective, wide ranging and automated legacy language, database and User Interface renovation solution. Our task specific tools automate over 70% of the conversion of the programming language, user interface and DBMS. This coupled with our process and expertise reduces the cost, risk and time when compared to other solutions.

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