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Application Renewal
Web Enabling

Mainframes have little or no competition when it comes to high-volume transaction processing like providing cash to hundreds of thousands of customers at ATMs, or recording buy and sell orders on a stock exchange. Many organisations have invested millions of dollars on building information systems that are based on mainframe. These systems contain important functionality and data essential to the ongoing operation of business. Hence the challenge is to ensure the investments in mainframe are protected and renewed as an ideal business decision.

Information Technology is dynamically racing toward the future. In many cases, perhaps even most cases, the future is the Web. For many mainframe programmers, developing a Web interface presents skill-set problems. This primarily involves understanding the transaction program and the existing green screen environment, and how to adapt it to the more contemporary e-commerce environment?

E-business initiatives generate new opportunities, but they also call for new architectures implemented with modern skill sets.Interfacing legacy applications to new platforms, whether they are Web or client/server-based with the mainframe as the n-th tier, often requires help from knowledgeable experts.

Intertec's web enabling solutions IARS/Web provide organisations to web enable their existing legacy applications, by which they can fully exploit the advantages of internet technology integration with their business needs without disturbing their existing applications.

Intertec has those experts available to help transition the myriad programs, business rules, and mountains of data in your legacy systems to the world of e-commerce, with fixed-price proposals and guaranteed timelines. Combine that with the most comprehensive toolset and processes in the marketplace, the customer is assured of deliver of rapid and reliable solutions based on creative and mature technologies.

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